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SPS IPC Drives 2015

Teleservice generation for mobile machines

At the SPS, STW presents the software Vehicle Data System (VDS) for access to data, their storage, and analysis in hall 7, booth 150. In combination with the CAN-based Connex-TC3G an integrated teleservice solution was formed.

(Photo: STW)

THE VDS SOFTWARE IN COMBINATION with the data management and telematics module Connex-TC3G offers a teleservice solution which can either be adapted to the respective requirements by STW (Germany) or by the customer themselves. Over the past years, the number of electronic control units in mobile machines, and subsequently also their networking to the machine itself, has substantially increased. Due to this, increasing interest has been shown in solutions for networking and communication, a challenge which STW was happy to take on.

“We have extended our connectivity solutions with a package consisting of embedded Linux and Web application software, together representing a major advancement in terms of technology and in the simplicity of the application, which in turn makes things easier for the customer”, said Dr. Bob Geiger, CEO of STW Technic in the USA. The basis for this is the Connex-TC3G, the latest telemetry on-board unit developed and manufactured by STW, which is able to collect and assess vehicle and user data itself via a CAN connection. It supports the mobile radio standards 2G/3G and CDMA, transmits via Bluetooth 4.0 or WLAN and determines its own position through GPS and Glonass.

The software VDS - the Vehicle Data System for which a server package VDS-R (R for remote) is available for remote access - ensures the access, diagnosis, and storage of data. Here there are numerous possibilities for communicating with the Connex-TC3G. In case of local access, the module becomes a hot spot. Whatever the case, however, this is a web browser-based representation with diverse configuration possibilities.

“Using VDS, company hierarchies, departments and users can be created. Every user has their own rights which defined their access possibilities to the system”, explains Dr. Geiger. In this way, the requirements of OEMs, owners, and operators of machines, and those of service teams for teleservice solutions are addressed. STW supports its customers in the planning and implementation of systems with VDS(-R), the Connex-TC3G and appropriate system components such as controls, sensors and power electronics. In addition, training courses are offered which are aligned especially to the respective application.

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SPS IPC Drives