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Siko and STW cooperate regarding sensors

The two companies have agreed on a strategic partnership with the aim of further opening up the market for mobile machinery. This includes joint developments of sensors.

Mobile machines use many CAN/CANopen-linked sensors; some of them provide functional safety capability (Source: STW)

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) and Siko provide since years CAN connectable sensors for construction, agriculture, and other mobile machinery. Both companies support CANopen and CANopen Safety. The strategic partnership is the extension of a cooperation and creates the basis for joint developments and coordination of the respective product portfolios. STW offers solutions for the mobile machinery market ranging from sensors, controllers, and human-machine interfaces to networking, data management. and cloud connections. Siko is specialized in products for length, angle, and speed measurements.

At the sales level, joint marketing activities are planned. In addition, joint development projects are in the works. Hans Wiedemann from STW explained: "We look forward to an even closer cooperation with Siko. Together with Siko solutions, our broad portfolio offers our customers worldwide access to universal solutions that make system integration significantly easier.”


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