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Bauma 2016

Tape sensors with integrated pulley

ASM (Germany) has enlarged its Positape tape extension sensor product line with an additional feature: the WBR models are equipped with an integrated pulley mounted directly onto the sensor.

(Photo: ASM)

The integrated pulley enables a flexible pullout angle of the measuring tape. This sensor solution was specifically designed for machines with limited space where the tape needs to be deflected. With the integrated pulley the starting angle of the measuring tape is adjustable to a range of measurement applications, even in areas that were previously not accessible, for example position measurement in crane outriggers.

Positape tape extension sensors utilize a linear and absolute measurement principle without reference operation. Depending on the model, measurement ranges can reach from 1,5 m up to 20 m. With a linearity tolerance of ±0,10 % the sensors can be equipped with analog and digital outputs (SSI- or CANopen, J1939), achieving a resolution of <0,05 mm.

The linear cable extension position sensors of the Positape series employ a robust stainless steel measuring tape that is coiled onto a precision manufactured drum. The thin and flexible stainless steel tape (10 mm wide, 0,08 mm thick) can be guided even on small pulleys and also in opposite direction without impairing the service life of the measuring tape. With the pulley mounted directly onto the sensor the pullout angle can be rotated through 90°, which allows for an installation that can be adapted to the available mounting set up.

ASM will present its latest sensor developments at the Bauma 2016, from April 11 to 17 in Munich.


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