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Teleservice module with two CAN interfaces

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (Germany) added the ESX-TC3G module to their Linux-based telematic product range. They are going to present it at the Agritechnica 2013 exhibition.

THE PRODUCT IS BASED ON THE ESX-TC3 HARDWARE platform with additional features that make the use of telematics in difficult environmental conditions powerful. Wired communication interfaces include a digital input and digital output, two CAN interfaces, Ethernet and an RS232 interface. Also it has a USB interface for service purposes. For wireless data transfer, the device is able to use 2G/3G mobile communication, WLAN and Bluetooth. The position of the device can be determined via a GPS/GLONASS receiver.

It is available in two different versions: either with integrated antennas or with connection ports for external antennas. As a result of the SIM card slot being integrated into the plug, the version with internal antennas achieves a protection class of IP67 and IP6k9k. Applications of the product vary from simple data loggers, which transmit recorded operational data wirelessly, to central communication gateways, which process many different communication standards. The hardware shows its strengths in conditions that test impermeability or resistance to vibrations and temperatures. No additional costs are incurred for licenses or expensive development tools.

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