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SPS IPC Drives 2015

HMI displays and mobile control units

At the SPS, STW (Germany) presents its Interact V-family of HMI displays for mobile applications as well as the new member of the ESX series of mobile control units.

The display series (Photo: STW)

THE V-SERIES FEATURES THE SUPPORT for safety-orientated use cases in accordance with SIL2, a range of different sizes, and a toolchain for graphic programming. The series has been developed in collaboration with a display expert company which has conducted pioneering work on safety-relevant railway displays for many years, says STW.

For display applications in mobile machines, the most important feature is robustness. According to the company, the Interact displays fulfill this requirement through its housing, the resistance of the electronics against electromagnetic influences, and a touchscreen in GFG (Glass-Film-Glass) technology. This technology combines the advantages of tried and tested resistive touchscreens with the possibility of achieving input according to SIL2. The touchscreen permits use even when gloves are worn or if hands are wet. The MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) for the displays is 100 000 hours. When used in outside areas, the light intensity of 1000 cd/m² provides legibility in sunlight. In addition, Panel-Mount and VESA-Mount versions are supported for installation in the driver’s cabin.

All members of the Interact display family VSX are based on the same Cortex A9 Dual Core processor architecture, and are all programmable with the same development and support tool Dev Kit. Together with different display sizes and operating variants, this provides scalability within the family and the reusability of software. Dev Kit offers over 35 predefined widgets, of which the majority includes SIL2 support. In addition, a large number of communication protocols, such as STW’s Kefex, are integral components of Dev Kit. The inclusion of Kefex means STW’s ESX controls can be configured or updated. CAN, Ethernet, and analog video interfaces are available in all the VSX displays. Plug-in boards allow an extension of the functionality. Dev Kit can be used both for graphic design as well as for communications and control tasks. The graphic design can also be transferred onto iOS or Android platforms.

At the SPS, STW shows two of the new Interact displays in the VSX series in action. After the trade fair, the displays will be made available in the two versions VSX-7W and VSX-10W to be followed by 8-inch and 12-inch variants shortly after for development purposes together with Dev Kit. The start of series production is planned for Quarter two in 2016.

The mobile control unit (Photo: STW)

Expanded mobile control unit series

Developed and manufactured for use in rugged conditions, the ESX-3CM builds on the advantages of the ESX 32 bit control unit family to address typical requirements of mobile machines in a standard configuration. With a total of 56 analog and digital inputs and outputs, the freely-programmable ESX-3CM is designed as the central control unit for machine automation.

The product provides 20 multi-functional inputs which can be adjusted via software. Here it is possible to register current, voltage, frequencies, or digital switching conditions (events) at the input. For systems which require a high switching capacity, a total of three power output groups are available with four or eight outputs. Every group can provide up to 15 A in total. Actuators with a higher power requirement can also be actuated through parallel switching of several outputs within a group.

The ESX-3CM comes with added communication capabilities: In addition to the EIA-232 interface and the four CAN connections, an optional Ethernet interface with a dedicated connector is available. One CAN network features a wake-up function and another can be used as an EIA-485 interface.

Like the ESX-3XL and the ESX-3XM, the ESX-3CM is based on a 32-bit Tricore processor, which in the 3CM case is clocked with 300 MHz. Optionally, a separate System Supervisor with programmable Watchdog is available. For the ESX-3CM, the development environments for C and Codesys are available. The analysis, configuration, and update tool Kefex is fully supported.

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