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Common-mode choke

Useable for CAN FD devices

Murata (Japan) introduces a CAN FD Class-3 common mode choke. It confirms to IEC 62228-3.

The DLW32SH101XF2 common-mode choke is a wire-wound coil (Source: Murata)

The DLW32SH101XF2 common-mode choke coil (CMCC) offered by Murata fulfills the requirements of IEC 62228-3 requirement. The operating temperature range is -40 °C to +125 ºC. It complies with AEC-Q200. The size is 3,2 mm x 2,5 mm.

In automotive networks, in order to ensure stable communication it is essential to implement ongoing measures to reduce noise from the several sources within the vehicle. In transitioning from Classical CAN to the faster CAN FD, more stringent noise-reduction measures are required. CCMCCs for Classical CAN support DCMR Class 1 or Class 2, in the case of high-precision products.

By minimizing the difference in characteristics between the two coils comprising the CMCC and controlling DCMR degradation, the launched component successfully supports DCMR (Ssd21, Ssd12) Class 3, which is required for CMCCs used in CAN FD according to IEC 62228-3. Particularly, in the low-frequency band in the range of several hundred kilo Hertz and higher, the product delivers the required level of DCMR.


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