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SPS IPC Drives 2016

Communication options for mobile machines

For the SPS IPC Drives 2016 in Nuremberg, STW is launching the ESX-TC1 family onto the market, a telematics platform for use in mobile machines. Specific applications are addressed in three communication variations.

(Photo: STW)

The three variations of the ESX-TC1 take different communication characteristics in different applications into account. Based on ESX-TC3G, the ESX-TC1 is an on-board data logger for the communication between controls and sensors using CAN. CANopen, J1939, and open CAN communication are supported. It is possible to configure which CAN parameters are recorded, filed in 1-GiB data memory, and then forwarded via the “Vehicle Data System (VDS)” software. However, due to the free programmability offered by the module’s Embedded Linux System, the data can also be pre-processed and evaluated on the module.

Forwarding can take place in all three versions via Ethernet or a wireless interface. The TC1-WiFi and the TC1-WiFi+ have WLAN and Bluetooth 4.0. These address applications which gather data over the course of the day and which are accessed via an Internet connection in the evening. Alternatively, the TC1-WiFi(+) can also act as a hotspot itself, so that the data can be retrieved via a laptop or tablet. In addition, the TC1-WiFi+ version offers the possibility to locate the recorded data using GPS/GLONASS. The localization function is also a fixed component of the solution using the TC1-Mobile. If the data is transmitted during transit via mobile phone networks, position information is requested in most application cases.

The entire development environment is freely available for all TC1 versions. Pre-defined functions and support for the communication via the Telemetry Applications Framework (TAF) permit fast creation of applications. For the connection to the STW’s IoT platform “”, the three versions can utilize the “STW-Cloud-Connector”. All versions offer connections for external antennas in order to guarantee the best-possible reception. For more complex applications that require a combination of WLAN, Bluetooth, and mobile phone as well as additional features such as USB and acceleration sensors, the software-compatible ESX-TC3G is provided.


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SPS IPC Drives


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