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CAN-connectable host controller

The HS-P II from Incostartec is a DIN-rail-mountable industrial PC system. It offers an optional CAN interface. The device is 17,5 mm wide.

HS-P II industrial PC system (Source: Incostartec)

The system may be equipped with the Allwinner 1-GHz A20 Cortex-A7 dual-core processor or the NXP 0,8-GHz LS1012A Cortex-A53 processor. The versions with or without galvanic isolation are offered. In addition to the working memory (128 MiB or 1 GiB), it contains an eMMC flash, as well as an internal and external slot for a micro-SD card expansion. The PC is equipped with two Ethernet controllers and optionally with WLAN, which enables the system to have a wireless Internet access. CAN, EIA-232, SDI-12 (sensor bus), EIA-485, or four digital I/Os may be selected as additional interfaces. The voltage supply ranges from 9 V to 32 V thus allowing the device to work in 12-V or 24-V systems. As the operating system Linux or Windows CE may be used.


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