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CANopen FD

CAN FD hardware and CiA 1301 stacks

The first interface modules and I/O devices able to run CiA 1301 compliant protocol stacks have arrived. They will be conformance-tested by CiA, soon.

CAN FD products able to run the CiA 1301 protocol stack by Emsa (Source: Peak-System)

ESD, Microcontrol, and Peak-System have introduced interface modules respectively I/O devices with CAN FD interfaces. This includes USB dongles, PCIe modules, etc. as well as devices with analog and digital ports. All three companies provide CiA 1301 compliant protocol stacks, also known as CANopen FD application layer. However, these products need to be conformance-tested by CiA, in order to get the permission to be named as CANopen FD devices. Nevertheless, the user can install the CANopen FD protocol stack on the hardware without an official conformance test. But, when the products like to be announced as CANopen FD devices, they need to pass successfully the conformance test performed by CiA office.

The PCAN-Micromod FD devices by Peak-System can run the protocol stack from Embedded Systems Academy (Emsa). The necessary software license can be get from the company’s website. The protocol stack release is done by means of Windows software using an activation code. The user can select between CiA 301 (CANopen) and CiA 1301 (CANopen FD) functionality. There are also PCAN-Micromod FD evaluation boards as well as electronic data sheets (EDS) available. Emsa and Peak-System will submit their products to CiA for a family conformance testing, soon.

ESD is going to offer some CAN FD interface modules, which can run the company’s CiA 1301 protocol stack. Additionally, the company provides the CAN-CBX-DIO8-FD device, which can be equipped with CANopen FD software. Currently, this software complies with CiA 1301 and CiA 401.

Microcontrol has implemented its CiA 1301 protocol stack on host controllers and I/O devices. These products are intended for submission to CiA for conformance testing.


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