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Conformance testing

CiA 312-7 test specification

The CiA 312‑7 conformance test specification describes test cases for CiA 454 CANopen devices. These devices are suitable for light electric vehicles.

Pedelecs can be equipped with CiA 454 devices; a dedicated conformance test specification is now available (Source: Adobe/Stock)

Normally, CiA specifies just conformance test plans. CiA 312‑7 is an exception. This specification defines test cases and test results. It is intended to test CiA 454 (energy management system) compliant CANopen interfaces. Originally, this profile series was developed for light electrical vehicles including pedelecs and e-bikes. Both specifications, CiA 454 series and CiA 312‑7, have been developed in co-operation with the nonprofit Energbus association (Germany).

The test specification covers the CiA 454 specific functionalities for pedelecs. This includes the boot-up behavior, the additional SDO communication, and the transitions of the finite state automata defined in the CiA 454 series (Part 1 to Part 6).

As usual, the conformance-tested device needs a CiA 306 compliant electronic data sheet (EDS). This EDS file of the device under test (DUT) provides the default values of the implemented parameters. It needs to pass the EDS test as specified in the CiA 310 specification. The conformance test tool needs also so-called COBD files describing the CiA 454 functionality.

CiA 454 is an open interface standard for pedelec devices. Unfortunately, it is not that widely used as proprietary communication solutions. Already a couple of years ago, CiA 454 has been partly submitted to IEC for international standardization. But there is strong opposition against such an open standard.


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