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Webinars by Microcontrol

Microcontrol (Germany) offers online-based events in the form of webinars. The topics include Classical CAN, CAN FD, CANopen, and J1939.

(Source: Microcontrol)

Besides other companies such as CAN in Automation and Kvaser (we reported) for example, Microcontrol now also provides webinars. The attendees will learn about various topics of the CAN technology. The webinars are offered in two parts of four hours each via Zoom. The webinars are held in German or English as desired. The webinar called CAN Basics will introduce to the physical properties of the CAN network and the protocol structure as well as CAN FD in theory and practice. This workshop forms the basis for the company’s advanced-level courses on CANopen and J1939.

The webinar CANopen is designed for hardware designers and users who seek a an introduction to the CANopen communications profile CiA 301 and the different device profiles. With CANopen the user organization CAN in Automation (CiA) has created a protocol standard which has spread in embedded systems and mechanical engineering. CANopen specifications not only define various services for data exchange, they also specify standardized access to the systems via device profiles and application profiles.

The webinar J1939 provides an overview of the CAN basics and focuses on how to use the J1939 specifications in applications. The SAE J1939 standard (Serial Control and Communications Heavy Duty Vehicle Network) has originally been designed by SAE International to be used in heavy duty vehicles. In the meantime, the protocol has been is used also in agricultural machinery, rail vehicles and sea vessels, and in a range of diesel-driven machinery. The target group of the J1939 webinar are software designers who are looking for a start into handling the communications profile or would like to gain insight to the J1939 protocol stack.


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